Conference Presentations

The working language of the conference will be English. As such, the conference presentations should be delivered exclusively in English.

Each participant is expected to deliver a presentation of his/her paper in front of the audience present at the respective panel. Those who, for objective reasons, cannot attend the event must provide a poster which will be displayed during the poster session. Please note that the certificate of attendance will contain references not only to your name and title of paper, but also regarding the section/panel in which you presented. Absent registered members, regardless of their reasons, will not be awarded their certificate of attendance.

The conference presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes/ participant, followed by a 5 minutes questions-session from the audience. Your presentations must be coherent, clearly structured and accessible to the general public. They should emphasize the novelty of your research, the sources and methods employed, as well as your findings/results.

Finally, the powerpoint presentations must be in .ppt format (PowerPoint Presentations 2003 version). Ideally, you may bring them with you on a USB stick and make sure they are readily available before the beginning of your panel. One of the members and volunteers of the Organizing Team will assist you with that. However, please note that powerpoint presentations are not mandatory.